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Mana Ore, Purple mica stripe dice set with antique silver metal

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Behold, a wondrous set of dice, imbued with the essence of ancient realms and eldritch mysteries. Each die, masterfully crafted, bears a shimmering stripes of purple, iridescent mica, akin to the glimmers of the twilight sky. The antique metal finish speaks to the timelessness of these enchanting artifacts, as if they were relics from a forgotten age.

Upon these dice, one may observe veins of mystical ore, seemingly infused with energies hailing from planes beyond our mortal ken. Such treasures are well-suited for the discerning artificer, who weaves arcane arts and crafts in the pursuit of the fantastical. Collectors of otherworldly relics shall also find their hearts gladdened by these extraordinary tokens, for they hold an ineffable allure that transcends the mundane.

Let these magical dice illuminate your path, as they carry with them the whisperings of ancient stories and the echoes of a time long past.

This set of metal dice includes the following dice: D4, D6, D8, D12, D10, D% and D20.
They have a very nice feel and weight about 191g (6.75 oz) per set.
These are slightly larger than standard dice, The D6 is 17mm.
They come with a metal box.

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