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Beholder's Eye Ring - Red

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This is my original design i have first created 12 years ago. A great prop for your D&D adventure, to wear everyday or to be used as a magical item for your players to find. 

Beholder's Eye Ring 

Ring Rare ( requires attunement )

This ring is infused with the magical power of the beholder's eyes .

Once per day, The beholder's eyes ring can shoot three of the following rays at random (reroll duplicates), choosing one to three targets the wearer can see within 120 ft. The ring recharges at dawn.

1 Charm Ray

2 Paralyzing Ray

3 Fear Ray

4 Slowing Ray

5 Enervation Ray

6 Telekinetic Ray

7 Sleep Ray

8 Petrification Ray

9 Disintegration Ray

10 Death Ray

Optionally : Every time the ring is used there is a 10% chance the beholder's minions will be aware of the location of the wearer, within the next 24 hours they will surprise the wearer in an ambush, attempt to steal the ring or try to assassinate the wearer. The DM rolls the results and keep it a secret. The player needs to succeed a DC25 Arcana check to be aware of this effect. 



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