Clockwork Modron Sculpture Treasure Guardian - The Wizard's Vault

Clockwork Modron Sculpture Treasure Guardian

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Eye + Dice combo

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I made this Modron sculpture using metal wire that i twist by hand , clock parts to give it a mechanical look. I also make the glass eyes with iridescent colors to make them look more magical. The sculpture is 5 inches in width, 3in depth and 2in height. 

- Dice are sold separately


STORY: Among the oldest and wisest gnomes some believe in an ancient legend: they were created when the Feywild collided with the plane of Mechanus. This is why they have an affinity for creating complex mechanical wonders, but also give them life with enchantments and this knowledge comes from their fey ancestry. This little automatons inspired by Modrons from the plane of mechanus is just one example of gnomish ingenuity. Gnomes like to make their own mechanical familiar to accompany them on adventures or train them as guardians to protect their treasures. Creating one of these is one of the first assignments new students must accomplish at the Gnomish Academy of Mechanical wonders. In order to make one first they need to tame a wandering spirit from the enchanted forest of the feywild and bind it to a soul crystal. Each creature has a unique personality and some of them even have magical abilities.

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