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The Wizard's Vault - Artifact Retriever.

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Artifact Retriever

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Welcome to the Wizard's Vault my magical item shop. In 2014 I created a Steampunk magical item called the Artifact Retriever, The first one was featured in the Steampunk Episode of L.A.R.P.S on the Youtube channel Geek and Sundry in 2015 and also Exhibited at the Southampton Art Center, NY during the 2017 Exhibition ODD BEAUTY: The Techno-Eccentric World of Steampunk, but the Story of the Wizard's vault began in the late 80's and it is part of my dungeons and dragons campaign that I'm still running today for my friends. In my world, the Wizard's Vault are places where magic users can keep their most precious magical items, the smaller versions are often used in Magical item shop or private owners, but the largest one is the size of a small city and hidden somewhere in a demi-plane between the plane of Mechanus and the Feywild, in a zone called the belt of chaos, the remnant of the collision between the Feywild and Mechanus, a sea of floating chunks of mechanical debris tied together by vines and foliage . My first Dungeons and Dragons Character was a multi classed Wizard/Thief I played in the late 80's, He became a prominent inventor of his era and one of the founders of the Gnomish Academy of Mechanical Wonders, He created the first plan to built a Wizard's Vault. But after the vault was used to store forbidden magical items, he formed an alliance with a small group of adventurers called: the Hidden Light and they were sent on a missions to destroy the remaining vaults and take the dangerous items to safety in the largest vault ever built. He also invented the artifact retrievers to let his team conjure the powerful magical items stored in the vault for a short period of time (A few rounds) without the risk of long term exposure to hazardous artifacts. Although the locations of the Vault has been lost, it is still possible to access the items that are stored inside using an Artifact retriever. The artifact retrievers range from rare to legendary they often require tweaking or repair, when not correctly adjusted they are less reliable than the brand new ones and you never know what items you will get. Experience user can conjure more powerful item with more precision. The Sculptures is made with vintage jewelry findings and glass stones, wood, copper, brass wire coiled by hand and recycled clock parts. Each piece is One of a Kind. It's come with a glass dome : Height: 7 ¾ " Diameter: 3 7/8 " All right reserved 2014 and beyond.
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