Claddagh dIce box and Paladin's Oath dice set

Dice and Storage: Dice Only
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This finely crafted Claddagh dice box pairs magnificently with the Paladin's Oath Dice Set. The box is constructed from durable metal, ensuring the protection of your treasured dice. It features a beautifully engraved wooden lid that depicts the iconic Claddagh symbol, representing love, loyalty, and friendship, intertwined with a crowned heart cradling a D20 — a nod to the heart of role-playing adventures. The dice set itself boasts an ethereal frosted white appearance with an inner sparkle of holographic foil, embodying the pure and righteous spirit of the Paladin's path. This set promises to be not only a game accessory but a meaningful token for those who value the tenets of their characters.

The Claddagh symbol, with its hands representing friendship, the heart symbolizing love, and the crown denoting loyalty, perfectly encapsulates the Paladin's Oath. In the realm of Dungeons & Dragons, a Paladin's Oath is a sacred declaration of their commitment to not just battle prowess but also to forging bonds of camaraderie, protecting what is cherished, and upholding a noble code. This dice box, with its Claddagh engraving, serves as a tangible reminder of these virtues every time a player reaches for their dice, preparing to face the trials and adventures that lie ahead in their quest for justice and honor.

This set of 7 polyhedral dice has nice frosted white finish and multicolored holographic glitters inside. The set includes the following dice: D4, D6, D8, D12, D10, D% and D20.

Limited edition exclusive dice designed by the Wizard's Vault.

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