Hocus Croakus Potions and Fungus Dice Box

Box and dice: Dice and Box
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Discover the magic with the Hocus Croakus Dice Box, where elegance meets utility. Adorned with wizardly frogs, this compact box protects your dice on every adventure. The words "Hocus Croakus, Potions and Fungus" are elegantly engraved on the wooden top of the box.

This set of 7 polyhedral standard size dice includes the following dice: D4, D6, D8, D12, D10, D% and D20.

The "Mushroom Party Mix" Dice Set, a distinctively charming collection that features vibrantly colored mushrooms encased within each die. Each set is assembled randomly, presenting a unique array of colors. For an idea of what your set might look like, feel free to browse through our image gallery.

✦ Story ✦
In the verdant outskirts of the enchanted Misty Forest lies the quaint establishment known to all as Hocus Croakus, Potions and Fungus. Operated by the esteemed Buldrum Croakworth, a master potioneer and fungi connoisseur, the shop is a trove of magical concoctions and rare mushrooms.

Legend has it that Buldrum was once an adventurer who traded his sword for a cauldron after a fateful encounter with a mystical hermit in the depths of the forest. The hermit, a sage of forgotten alchemy, imparted his knowledge to Buldrum, who became enchanted by the art of potion-making.

Buldrum's reputation grew far and wide, attracting patrons from across the realms. His potions are renowned for their efficacy and peculiar ingredients. From healing elixirs to transformative brews, each potion is a result of Buldrum's scrupulous craft and the mystical properties of the Misty Forest.

But Buldrum's pride lies in his collection of fungi. Within the moss-covered walls of Hocus Croakus, one can find the luminescent Mooncap Mushroom, the elusive Ghost Truffle, and even the rare Phoenix Spore, known to resurrect the fallen.

Adventurers seek out Hocus Croakus not just for supplies but for Buldrum's wisdom. It's said that his advice often carries the adventurers further than the potions they purchase. And while Buldrum remains tight-lipped about his secrets, he is always ready to share a tale or two with those who show genuine curiosity for the arcane art of alchemy.

Thus, Hocus Croakus, Potions and Fungus stands as a cornerstone of arcane study and a beacon for those in need, whispered about in taverns and revered in scholarly circles. Its story is one of mystery, magic, and a toad who found his calling in the enchanted brews that bring wonders to all who grace his doorstep.

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