6 Large Duck D6 20mm

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These adorable dice feature cute little light pink ducklings floating in a shimmering blue layer. The Mama duck dice are 20mm, making them larger than standard dice. This set includes 6 Mama Duck dice, perfect for your next game night! Each dice is carefully crafted and has a smooth, glossy finish for easy rolling. The ducklings inside add a playful touch to your gameplay. These dice are perfect for any tabletop game or as a unique addition to your dice collection. The larger size of these dice makes them easier to read and handle, ensuring you won't miss a roll. The vibrant colors and cute design are sure to put a smile on everyone's face. These 20mm Mama Duck dice are a must-have for any duck lover or dice enthusiast. They make a great gift and are perfect for a variety of games. Quack your way to victory with these one-of-a-kind dice!

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