Steampunk Dice Vault and Ethereal Sprockets Dice Set

Box and Dice: Box Only
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Dive into the imaginative world of Steampunk with our Steampunk Dice Vault and Ethereal Sprockets Dice Set, a creation that marries the mechanical elegance of Steampunk with the whimsical charm of gnome engineering. As an avid enthusiast of Steampunk and Gnomes, I was inspired to craft this box, ingeniously repurposing an antique watch movement to create a genuinely Steampunk art piece. This set of 7 polyhedral dice features tiny golden cogs nestled between a clear layer and a turquoise green glittery layer, evoking the intricate beauty of clockwork gadgets. Each die, from the D4 to the D20, showcases our unique, gold-painted font, originating from our exclusive mold, making this set perfect for gnome artificers, tinkerers, and anyone who loves the fusion of magic and machinery. Exclusive to The Wizard's Vault, this set and vault are not just tools for your gaming adventures but a statement of style and creativity, embodying the essence of Steampunk and the innovative spirit of gnomish inventiveness

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