Ethereal Mechanist's Bracer - Handcrafted Steampunk Spider Bracer by Daniel Proulx - One of a Kind Artisan Design

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Discover the quintessence of steampunk craftsmanship with this meticulously handcrafted leather bracer, a masterpiece brought to life by the renowned steampunk artist, Daniel Proulx. At its core, this bracer marries the timeless elegance of leather with the distinguished glow of brass, creating a canvas that beckons the intrigue of yesteryears.

The sculpture, an elaborate confluence of brass and copper, is skillfully wrapped to evoke the industrial spirit of the steampunk genre. It is adorned with three authentic antique watch movements, each piece a testament to the intricate artistry of a bygone era. These mechanical marvels are not just decorative elements; they are whispers of history, each bearing stories untold.

Center stage is taken by a captivating dragon's breath glass gem, its hues capturing the ethereal beauty of fire and mystery. This gem serves as the bracer's crown jewel, enchanting onlookers with its deep, mesmerizing colors that shift with the light.

This bracer is not merely an accessory; it is a wearable piece of art that offers a glimpse into a world where fashion intertwines with fantasy. Designed for those who dare to stand out, it is a statement piece that speaks volumes of the wearer's appreciation for handcrafted artistry and the allure of the steampunk aesthetic.

Embrace the extraordinary with this Steampunk Spider Bracer by Daniel Proulx, and let your style be an adventure.

* Stats for the Ethereal Mechanist's Bracer*

This unique piece not only captivates the eye with its intricate design but also harbors mystical powers that can turn the tide of any encounter. Below are its stats and abilities, as if it were a legendary magical item in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons:

Item Name: Ethereal Mechanist's Bracer

Item Type: Wondrous Item (Bracer)

Rarity: Legendary

Requires Attunement

Stats & Abilities:

Armor Class (AC): Grants a +2 bonus to AC while worn.

Charisma Modifier: Increases Charisma by +1, as the bracer's allure enhances the wearer's presence.

Enhanced Crafting: Grants advantage on all Intelligence (Investigation) and Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) checks related to mechanical devices and constructs.

Temporal Insight: Once per day, the wearer can activate one of the antique watch movements to gain the Foresight spell effect for 1 minute, allowing them to see into the immediate future.

Dragon's Breath: The dragon's breath glass gem can be activated once per day to cast the "Fireball" spell at 5th level (Save DC 15), or it can be used to cast "Charm Person" at will, as the gem's captivating glow mesmerizes those who gaze upon it.

Mechanical Affinity: The wearer gains proficiency in the Tinker's Tools, or if they are already proficient, they double their proficiency bonus on checks made with these tools.

Lore: Forged in the fires of creativity and ingenuity, the Steampunk Spider Bracer is said to have been created from the remnants of a clockwork dragon defeated by the artist in a battle of wits and craftsmanship. The bracer is imbued with the essence of time and the dragon's fiery breath, granting its wearer unparalleled power and protection.

This bracer is not just a piece of jewelry but a symbol of the confluence of art, magic, and technology. It seeks a wearer with the courage to forge their destiny and the strength to alter the course of history itself.

Note: The Steampunk Spider Bracer is a unique artifact, and its powers may evolve alongside its wearer. Its true potential is unlocked as the wearer delves deeper into the mysteries of the steampunk realm.

Let this bracer be your companion on a journey filled with wonder, danger, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

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