This is the story of how I became an independent Artist.
You know that feeling when somebody says you can’t do something? Yes, exactly… that one!
That’s how I felt when my boss told me the new business i was getting into would fail. Two days later, I quit.
That was in April 2008.
Daniel Proulx
A few weeks before I quit my job in Finance, My wife Catherine had taken a 2 hour lesson with friends from work to learn how to make wire-wrapped rings. After the lesson, she brought the rings she made at work, she received many compliments, her colleagues wanted to buy them. So I got her all the material, tools and opened a shop on Etsy: Catherinette Rings. Soon we started having sales in our new shop everyday. So I thought, Maybe I should try to help and make jewelry too. 
The design I made were also selling very well and someday while I was helping my friend Phil move to a new apartment. He told me my work looked like Steampunk, a new trend inspired by Victorian science fiction that was becoming more and more popular. So I went on-line and looked it up, I was flabbergasted! It was the first time in many years that I felt truly inspired. A few weeks later I quit my job.
After what my boss told me I needed to prove to myself that I could do it. I was on fire and nothing was going to stop me from accomplishing my dream. For the first few months it was very difficult as I struggled to pay my bills, but the sales online were steadily increasing and my Facebook account had reached over 10,000 followers.( Now 100,000+) I had invented my own original designs and was the first to use wire, gemstones and taxidermy glass eyes to make Steampunk jewelry. 
I always been a huge fan of D&D and this is how I met my good friend Phil. I clearly remember the first time we met in high school in the 80's. I was waiting in the hallway to get into the art classroom and Phil noticed I was holding a drawing of a dragon. He complimented on my drawing and asked if I played D&D. Since then we have always been good friends.
Steampunk Beholder
Naturally, Since my imagination has always been fueled by Dungeons and Dragons, I decided to use all the materials I had to make a Steampunk version of one of my favorite creature, The Beholder. The sculpture went viral, it resulted in many sales and custom orders. I started making more sculptures, Steampunk spiders, cicadas, praying mantis and other strange creatures.
Steampunk Spider by Daniel Proulx
Then in July of 2009 i got an e-mail from Art Donovan. 
'' I am a great admirer of your Steampunk rings and jewelry and I was wondering if you like to exhibit them in the world’s first Museum Exhibition of Steampunk Art in England this coming Fall.'' 
I couldn't believe it. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. To have my work exhibited in a World class Museum. 
I went to see the exhibition in the last days and the queue of people waiting in line was going all the way outside of the museum and far on the sidewalk. All these people waiting to see my work alongside so many talented artist i admire. 
The Steampunk beholder was one of the piece i contributed. 
 Steampunk Oxford Exhibition
Following this I got many requests for my art to be displayed during several exhibitions and featured in books about Steampunk.I was invited as a special guest to talk about Steampunk during numerous conventions, including Fan Expo Canada. Comiccon Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Otakuthon. I have used this opportunity to help the local Steampunk communities showcase their work and promote this fascinating artistic movement. 
Here's some of the books my work can be found. 
- Steampunk: The art of retro futurism 
1,000 Steampunk Creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art
- Steampunk: An Illustrated History of Fantastical Fiction, Fanciful Film and Other Victorian Visions
- The Art of Steampunk, Revised Second Edition: Extraordinary Devices and Ingenious Contraptions from the Leading Artists of the Steampunk Movement
The Art of Steampunk by Art Donovan
Over the past 12 years so many incredible things have happened. My jewelry was worn by Allison Scagliotti in the TV series Warehouse 13, i have sold pieces to many celebrities including Courtney Love Cobain, I collaborated with a local Steampunk Music Band Jardin Mécanique, My Artifact retriever apparatus was featured in steampunk episode of L.A.R.P.S a web series on Geek and Sundry youtube channel. One of my Sculpture is on the cover of a Neil Gaiman book. I also appeared in Steampunk Connection : A Documentary about Steampunk.  But most unbelievable thing to me still today is that i have been able to live from my art. 
Neil Gaiman Cover
Apparatus L.A.R.P.S. by Daniel Proulx geek and sundry
Before i decided to launch the Wizard's Vault, i have been told several times that my sculptures looked like modrons, After investigating the creature online , i discovered a fascinating clockwork creature from the 1st edition of dungeons and dragons. So i decided to make more of them. I made my first dice rolling tray featuring a Steampunkish modron and posted it on Tumblr. A few month later all of a sudden, I got a lot of traffic in my shop and after further investigation, I realized that it was shared by the one and only Wil Wheaton.  
Modron Dice Rolling Tray - The Wizard's Vault
I find it amazing how my passion for Steampunk which grew out of my love for Dungeons and dragons is now coming back full circle to where it all started.
Thank you so much for your support and helping me make my dreams come true.
I hope that my story inspires you to follow your dreams. If you are truly passionate about something and want to live a creative life never let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. 

Now go forth and create amazing original stuff ! 
If you need anything , you have questions please contact me.
I'm always happy to help. 
Daniel Proulx
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