Steampunk Artisan Dice Box and 11-Piece Polyhedral Set for Tabletop RPGs

Dice and Storage: Dice and Box
Sale price$50.00


Driven by my passion for Steampunk, I crafted this box to embody the essence of the genre, featuring an intricate clockwork pattern engraved on its surface. This creation serves not only as an art piece but also houses a unique set of 11 polyhedral dice, making it the perfect companion for gnome artificers, tinkerers, and Steampunk enthusiasts alike. Each die, adorned with bronze painted numerals from our proprietary mold, exudes elegance and distinctiveness.

The set comprises: 1 D4, 5 D6s, 1 D8, 1 D10, 1 D12, 1 D% (percentile die), and 1 D20, totaling 11 pieces.

Exclusive dice designed by The Wizard's Vault.

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